Eyewitness to Tragedy in Loxley Fatal Crash

Sarah Echols
Courtesy: Facebook

It happened so fast. “Just coming across the median, thought he was getting in the turning lane and just kept on coming.”

The aftermath was strewn across Highway 59 in Loxley. A 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee, smashed and mangled and a 2014 Hyundai Tucson that was driven by 49-year-old Sarah Echols who was killed instantly.

“Just missed me and hit her head on.” Kayla Boyington saw the Jeep drifting towards oncoming traffic. “I sped up just enough before he side-swiped me and he hit the car behind me.”

She saw the collision in her rearview mirror. Her two young boys in her back seat. “My heart just dropped to my stomach when I heard that because it’s not like a normal car wreck sound. It was an explosion.”

Loxley police say the Jeep was traveling south on Highway 59, Echols was headed north in the far right lane approaching Municipal Park Drive. Boyington says there was nothing she could do. “She was trapped either way. She would have either hit me from behind speeding up or she would have been trapped in between that guard rail. It was so close.”

Hours later, motorists zip by most unaware of the tragedy that’s left the roadway torn and stained and how one family is now dealing with a sudden and terrible loss, while another escaped a similar fate by just seconds. “A second and he would have hit me,” says Boyington. “It would have been me.”

The driver and passenger in the Jeep have not been identified by police. They were both airlifted to USA Medical Center in critical condition. The cause of the wreck is still under investigation.

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