BREAKING UPDATE: Shooting Story in Semmes ‘Falsified,’ Deputies Making Arrests

1:15PM UPDATE: Deputies are now saying the story of “three black males kicking down the door” was falsified by individuals inside the home.  Those individuals are in the process of being arrested.

News 5’s Alison Spann is told the violence was drug-related and deputies were given an inaccurate story.  The individuals inside the home are being arrested for falsifying a police report and possible drug charges.

A shooting still took place, but not in the manner described by people in the home. The male victim was shot in the hip and transported to the hospital.

The latest on News 5 at 5:00.

12:30PM UPDATE: News 5’s Alison Spann confirms with authorities that three black males kicked in the door of the home and shot the victim.  Suspects fled in black Jeep Liberty.

SEMMES, AL (WKRG) — Authorities are responding to a shooting in Semmes that happened on Monday morning.

News 5’s Alison Spann is WKRG Facebook Live at the crime scene on Western Hills Drive in Semmes, where there are bullet casings on the ground outside of one home.

News 5 is told one victim has been transported to the hospital with injuries.  The extent of those injuries are unknown.

Neighbors tell News 5’s Alison Spann they heard three gunshots and heard screaming.

There is a “heavy law enforcement presence” on scene with attention focused on the front yard of one house that deputies continue to enter and exit from.

News 5 at 5:00 is coming up with a full report.

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