Airport Traffic Lights and Other Capital Improvement Projects

The third round of $21 million in infrastructure spending is on the way for the fiscal year 2018 after Mobile City Council voted for the plan in late April.

For the past two years, the number of road pavings, sidewalk additions, and park improvements has skyrocketed because the City started using the penny sales tax for infrastructure.

While we’re roughly halfway through the fiscal year 2017, there are still a number of projects approved during 2016 that have yet to be completed.

“When we approved that first year of capital projects, that was the first year we had that level of work come into the city for our staff to execute,” Dianne Irby, Executive Director of Planning and Development, explained. “These projects have a life cycle of their own, so they may have started in 2016, but they may not be completed until 2017. Some large projects may go into 2018. The money’s committed,  but the project might still be going on.”

Perhaps one of the most anticipated projects is the resyncing of the traffic lights on Airport Boulevard between Save Avenue and McGregor Avenue. City Spokesperson Laura Byrne said the projects is finally out of the design phase and is awaiting a construction contract which should be ready in the coming weeks.

If you want to see a list of projects, you can visit 



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