Thieves Swipe Giant Church Grill

Picture Courtesy Ricky Creel.

Mobile, AL (WKRG)

It’s a post that’s gone somewhat viral on Facebook this past week.  The grill belongs to Trinity Episcopal Church on Dauphin Street and it was being stored at the Knights of Revelry Den.  It was taken sometime before May 1st.  The grill was used for church fundraisers.

I talked with members of the men’s cooking group this morning.  All they want is their smoker/grill back.  The post of the grill has been shared on Facebook hundreds of times in the last several days.  Even though this den has barbed wire and razor wire, someone cut through two chains, slid open the fence gate and stole the very large custom grill.  

At least two to three people because the thing was very heavy they would have had cable cutters or a grinder of some kind to cut the chains and locks that were attached to it, and they knew what they were doing,” said Pit Boss Ricky Creel.  It was used as part of church fundraisers at Trinity Episcopal Church on Dauphin Street.  Members of the men’s cooking team said they’re not so much concerned with punishing somebody as they are with getting their grill back.  

If they would just put it on the street, or call the police or you’re going to put this on your page then we’ll just come get it,” said Creel.    

The grill was purchased by church members approximately four years ago and customized. Picture courtesy Ricky Creel.
This den is located near the corner of Ishee and Phillips Streets. The grill was kept behind a fenced in area.
Church members say at least four different groups used the grill for fundraising purposes.

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