Bikers Ride To Raise Awareness of Bullying

biker helmet motorcycle

A group of motorcyclists came together to help shed light on a serious matter. They want to help make more people aware of the bullying that goes on in local schools. And the cookout they held today will help do that.

For $8 you could grab a plate of good food, listen to some amateur karaoke, and help the DA’s efforts of spreading the word about bullying.

“Everybody at some point in their life has been bullied and we need to put a stop to that,” says Lee McDonald, President of the Caballeros Acero riding club.

These bikers met at The Barn Bar and Grill in Eightmile today, selling barbecue and chicken plates to raise awareness—and money—for the cause.

“Bully awareness in the schools today, it’s all over. It’s everywhere. They had two incidents last month in schools. We need to get a hold of it. Put a stop to it.”

Money raised will help District Attorney Ashley Rich make pamphlets to hand out to school children about the Bully Blocker program—a number they can text if they or someone they know is being bullied. These bikers say they’re glad these fights are being recorded—it shows the situation is real and…

“That’s evidence. Cause they will find out who you are. So remember that. If you’re being a bully, they will find you.”

This is one of three cookouts between now and October.

For more information about the Bully Blocker program, visit their website,

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