What’s Working: Upsale Resale Store Helps Fund Pet Adoptions

The Baldwin County Humane Society has found a creative way to earn money to care for its homeless pets. They opened up a resale store on Highway 98 next to the building where they house their pets. It’s called “Uptail” Resale Shop. The store just sells furniture and household supplies. In a short 6 months, the store is already turning a nice profit. They have raised $20,000 so far!

Baldwin County Humane Society Executive Directo,r Steven Savage, came up with the idea for the store. He says there isn’t a resale store in the area selling upscale goods. He knew it would be a “win-win” situation for everyone because every dollar goes right back into caring for the animals. He explained how expensive it is to even adopt out one dog. A puppy, for example, might have a $125 adoption fee. However, the Humane Society puts $300-$400 in vet care for that animal, and that is for a healthy puppy! He says, “We adopt out 350 animals per year. That is about one per day. We are very busy. We also affect thousands of animals through our spay and neuter voucher program.” Savage says all the items are donated by the community.

If you would like to visit the Uptail Resale Shop, it’s at 22886 Highway 98 in Fairhope, right before Publix. They are holding their first-ever yard sale tomorrow from 8AM-12PM, and they have many great bargains. For more information, visit http://baldwinhumane.org/

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