Scambuster: Hitman Demands Money For Your Life

toni riales reading email

Professional photographer Toni Riales is used to getting scam emails.

“I got the Nigerian scams for a while when they were hot. And I got the Google docs also yesterday or the day before,” says Riales.

But she’s never gotten one quite like this.

“This one was bizarre!”

The emails reads: “It’s a pity this is how your life is going to end as soon as you don’t comply”.

“At first I wanted to be concerned, I also wanted to laugh,” says Riales.

They say you’re being watched because someone has hired them to kill you. They say they’ll spare your life if you pay them a large amount of money. They claim to have recorded your phone calls and know all sorts of intimate details about you, but they never give specifics. And for Riales, there were lots of red flags that gave it away.

“Lots of all caps, so they yelled at me, very vague references to we know where you are, we know where you live, and there was a dollar amount, and the dollar amount was very large, it was like $36,000 to start, that was your down payment.”

And the more she read the email, the funnier it got.

“The guy who wrote it, and I’m assuming it’s a guy, was the one who had been hired to kill me, but he was warning me, it was just bonkers. Hit man with a heart of gold, you can’t write a better script!”

They also say they’ll kill you if you go to the police. The best thing to do when you get this email is to hit the delete button. According to, this scam has been around since 2006. Just delete it and go on with your life.

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