Police: Sexy Shoplifter Distracts Employees While Partner Steals

Source: D'Iberville Police
Source: D’Iberville Police
Source: D’Iberville PolPo

Police say a fetching woman, fetched the attention of Best Buy employees in Mississippi while her partner pulled off an expensive theft.

D’Iberville Police say the couple walked into the Best Buy in the Promenade Shopping Center last Sunday. Officers say the woman, who from photos appears to be quite eye-catching, distracted employees of the store. Her partner walked out with a thousand dollars worth of equipment while she stole the attention of workers.

A press release didn’t say whether she used her looks to stun the employees, just that she “used a distraction technique.” The couple took off in an SUV that was also caught on surveillance video.

Police request anyone who may have knowledge of the incident or know the identity of the thieves to contact the D’Iberville Police Department at 228-396-4252 or Mississippi Coast Crime Stoppers at 877-787-5898 or www.mscoastcrimestoppers.com.


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