UPDATE: Teen Girl Accidentally Shot

A 17-year old girl was accidentally shot in the Glenwood area in Escambia County this afternoon.

According to the victim’s brother, a group of friends was hanging out and one of them pulled out a gun. The brother tells News 5, somehow, the gun went off and the teen was hit in the arm.  Escambia County Florida Deputies are still investigating the incident to find out exactly what happened.

“She’s blessed, you know what I mean, period,” said Jacob Broson, the teen girl’s brother.  “She’s alive still, she can see her mom, she can hold her sister, she ain’t gotta worry about, you know what I mean? She’s still with us. We’re taking a loss but it ain’t no big loss. Were supposed to learn from this not take revenge on people. They’re going to get theres.”

Escambia County Florida Sheriff’s Deputies were called shortly before 2 p.m. to Wickford Lane and Durham Drive for the incident. The teen was taken to the hospital. She is expected to be ok.


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