Parents Upset Over High School’s Graduation Honor Cord Policy

A long-standing policy at Baker High School that bans honor cords and recognition medals at graduation is causing controversy among parents and students who believe it’s time for a change.

Quesi Jones, the father of a senior honor student at Baker High school, was surprised when his daughter brought home a letter that said honor cords and recognition medals are only allowed at the Senior Honors Day Ceremony and not graduation.

“We have a lot of family members coming in town for graduation. They cannot make it to the honors ceremony. We want our family to actually see her accomplishments,” Jones said. “To me, it diminishes her hard work.”

According to a spokesperson for the school system, honor cord policies are up to each individual high school, and Baker High School’s policy has been in place more than a decade. The spokesperson said that Baker’s principal wants to put the emphasis on diplomas at graduation and allows honor cords and medals to be worn during honor day.

Jones hopes the school considers doing away with the restriction in the future.

Mary G Montgomery and Murphy High School have similar honor cord policies.

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