Now Hiring: Owa Entertainment Development in Foley

The image taken at the OWA site in April 2017

400 jobs are up for grabs and in just two days since Owa started accepting applications, 400 applicants have already let it be known they want to work here.

The pieces and parts are still being put together for the amusement park, retail and dining development although, things are changing out here almost every day. Now, Owa is ready to hire the people that will run the place.

OWA development under construction

On-line job applications are now available with secret “auditions”, not job interviews, starting this weekend.

Owa officials say folks from all over the country have already applied for the seasonal jobs that could become permanent depending on demand. Originally they planned to hold job fairs around the county to fill the 400 jobs. They have since nixed that plan and will handle hiring only on-line, visit

Another big announcement is expected next week and we’re still waiting to see what is expected to be the big draw here, Rolling Thunder, one of the biggest roller coasters in the country.

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