Man Shot at, Rammed While Riding Scooter in Mobile

A Mobile man says he was shot at repeatedly and rammed while riding on his scooter earlier this week.

The incident happened Tuesday night at Marty Burrow was on his way home from work. He says he was riding on Grant Street near Bel Air Mall when he noticed a car with no lights pull up behind him.

“I gave it the gas and when I got around that curb they flashed the lights at me and started shooting,” said Burrow. “When I got around the curb I gunned the gas so I was probably doing 50 miles an hour at least. You really didn’t have time to think because you were in a fight or flight pursuit pattern.”

Burrow says he heard three shots. Fortunately, he wasn’t hit, but he says when he slowed at a stop sign the car rammed the back of the scooter pushing him across the street. The car then took off.

He says he was able to stay upright and didn’t suffer any serious injuries, but his scooter had quite a bit of back-end damage.

“I’ll still ride, I just won’t ride at night. I’ll still ride it back and forth to work I just won’t go out after dark,” said Burrow.

If you have any information about this incident call Mobile Police.

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