Investigators: Clarke Raines Strangled his Mother

A Mobile Police investigator testified during a preliminary hearing that Clarke Raines strangled his 68-year-old mother and buried her body in a shallow grave in Baldwin County.

Kay Raines had been missing for more than two months.  Detective Kenneth Gillespie testified he believes Clarke Raines killed his mother on Jan. 30, but her body wouldn’t be found until two months later at a site on Highway 225 in Baldwin County.

The detective testified that the break in finding Kay Raines’ body came from a tracking device placed on her car, and a trip that Clarke Raines made to Baldwin County in early March.

Mobile County District Attorney Ashley Rich said she had no information to believe Raines visited the site more than the one time he went in March of 2017 to put additional top soil on the shallow grave.
The tracking device revealed Clarke Raines made a trip to Home Depot where he bought 10 bags of potting soil.  Detective Gillespie also said he found empty bags of potting soil in a dumpster behind a business where the device also tracked Raines after his trip to Baldwin County.  He said the tracking device was placed on Kay Raines vehicle in early February after Raines allegedly buried his mother.
As for why he allegedly did it, D.A. Rich says she believes it was for money and because of the unhealthy relationship he had with his mother.  Detective Gillespie testified he believes Raines has been a severe drug addict for some time.
Clarke Raines is being held in Mobile Metro Jail on a $100k bond on the murder charge and $2500 for each of 13 counts of use of his mother’s credit cards.  The case now heads to a grand jury.

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