Money Stolen from Walls of McGuire’s Returned

In a Pensacola restaurant known for their strong drinks and interesting decorations, keeping some of those decorations from leaving the building has always been a challenge.  Wednesday afternoon, some things taken six years ago came back through the door.

It came as a surprise to managers at McGuire’s Irish Restaurant in Pensacola.  The Pensacola Police Chief called him over to the table where they were having lunch, and handed him some money that had been stolen off their walls.

Nearly two million dollars hang from the walls inside McGuire’s, beginning with their very first dollar, from Molly McGuire herself, in 1977.

Wednesday morning, a few dollars were returned to their rightful place in the restaurant, taken back in 2011.

Managers say it may not have been a lot of money, but to someone, those dollars are more than currency.

“These dollar bills are people’s memories,” said Perry Hunter, a manager at McGuire’s.  “They’re not just dollar bills with people’s names on them, they’re people’s memories that they came in here. Believe it or not, when they come back into town and they come back into this restaurant, they go back in search of their dollar. So, it’s a memory for these people, and for us, that’s all that counts.”

A total of nine dollars were taken from the wall, and no time was wasted putting them back up.  Hunter says this isn’t the first time money has been stolen off the walls of McGuire’s.  They’ve had anywhere from one dollar, all the way up to $4,500 taken from the restaurant.



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