Caught on Camera: Chunchula Homeowner Looking For Accused Burglar

This image collage was created by Delana Mears Casler

UPDATE 5/14/17 11 AM

An arrest was made in this case.  Eric Beard may be connected to other break-ins in Mobile County according to a spokesman with the MCSO.


Chunchula, AL (WKRG)

Delana Casler says this is the second time this year her home on John Kelly Road has been burglarized. She’s been posting this edited home security video on social media.  The date and time listed in the video are incorrect.  Casler says this incident actually happened Tuesday morning Sometime between 9:25 and 9:50.  Casler says this time the thief took a TV, gun and video game system.

Casler says she’s reported the incident to the MCSO and they are investigating.  She says she doesn’t know who this person is and doesn’t know if it’s the same person who burglarized her home a few months ago.  Casler said that burglary prompted her family to get the home security system in the first place.  Here’s another video that shows some of the incident from a different angle.

“I feel violated, I feel angry upset, that someone feels like they can come into my home and take whatever they want,” said Delana Casler.  She said it was important for them to get the video on the internet and on social media as soon as possible.

I wanted to get the video out there so that all of my neighbors and my entire community can see who this is and what they’ve done,” said Casler.  “To be on high alert, to understand this can happen to you and you need to be prepared.”  The Mobile County Sheriff’s office says there have been up to seven backdoor break-ins around that area recently.  The family is also offering $250 reward for information leading to an arrest.  One of the disturbing parts of the video, according to Jimmy Casler, is how casual the burglar seemed moving through their home.  He said it appeared like he was in no hurry to get done.  

“That it seems like he’s a repeat offender he knows what he’s doing he doesn’t care if he goes to jail, he’ll get probation, get out and go back to doing what he’s been doing,” said Jimmy Casler.

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