What Happened to Alysyn Collins?

Her name jogged our memories here at News 5.  That’s because 25-year-old Alysyn Collins, also known as Alysyn Collins Stone, was reported missing by her mother just over a year ago.

Police sent notice to the media, but a few days later, she surfaced.

In the year since however, family members tell us the Mary G. Montgomery graduate and former University of South Alabama student was having a tough time.  She was trying to kick drugs, hard drugs they said.  And she’s had run-ins with the law over receiving stolen property and breaking and entering charges.

Her sister told us Alysyn’s real problem was drugs. In fact, she said Alysyn was on her way to a methadone clinic early Saturday when she died.  Her sister said she was trying to get her life on track but would sometimes backslide.

Police said she was hit by an unknown vehicle on Interstate 65.  They are looking for a 2011 Chevrolet Malibu with the license plate ‘MYALIBU.’

What isn’t known is why she ended up on I-65 early Saturday morning, or who she may have been with before her death.  Police are also trying to find out about that.

Alysyn Collins also had a four-year-old son.  Her funeral is Thursday.



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