Over 20,000 Gallons of Wastewater Spills into Dog River

MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) – Following the severe weather that struck the Gulf Coast over the weekend, over 20,000 gallons wastewater spilled into Dog River in the Mobile area.

Officials from the Mobile Area Water and Sewer Systems (MAWSS) reported the sewer overflows were caused by a failure in the lift stations.

MAWSS says the overflows near Dog River were primarily on three streets including Kentwood Lane, Forest Lane and Bakers Lane. A total of 23,560 gallons spilled from the lift stations, but 3,000 gallons were absorbed by the ground before it reached Dog River.

The spills at Dog River were not the only spills reported after the storm. The city of Bayou la Batre notified the Mobile County Health Department that over 3,000 gallons spilled Monday. Close to 2,500 gallons spilled at the intersection of Alba and 5th Street along with 750 gallons at the intersection of Shellbelt Road and Cain Street.

MAWSS also reported an overflow due to a broken main line at Delaware Street. The overflow resulted in 388 gallons spilling into the Mobile River near downtown Mobile.

MAWSS reports that the necessary improvements were made to the locations where the spills occurred.

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