Ex-Officer Pleads Guilty in Shooting Walter Scott

CHARLESTON, SC (WKRG) — A white police officer pleaded guilty to shooting and killing a black man who ran from a traffic stop.

Ex-Officer Michael Slager admitted violating Walter Scott’s civil rights by shooting him without justification. He could get up to life in prison and a 250 thousand dollar fine at sentencing, though prosecutors agreed to ask for more than 20 years behind bars. A sentencing date was not immediately set.

In 2015, former officer Michael Slager pulled Scott over for a broken tail light. A few moments later Scott began running, fearfully, when the officer reached for his taser.  Slager shot at Scott eight times as he ran away; of those eight shots, five of the bullets hit him. A bystander’s video of the shooting shows Slager began firing at Scott from 17 feet away.

According to CNN, the North Charleston police chief fired Slager, saying he was “sickened” by what he saw.  A state prosecutor who pursued murder charges against former Officer Slager when the video became public, says she’s satisfied with the case’s resolution.

It’s reported that South Carolina prosecutors had planned to retry Slager, but as part of Tuesday’s plea bargain, they agreed to drop the murder case.




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