Mobilians React to President Trump’s First 100 Days

SOURCE: Donald J Trump Facebook

President Donald Trump marked his first 100 days in office in front of a cheering crowd of supporters on Saturday at a campaign-style rally in Pennsylvania.

Before the rally, President Trump sat down with CBS News Chief Washington Correspondent and host of Face the Nation, John Dickerson to reflect on his first 100 days.

He touched on growing tensions with North Korea and said that China’s help in dealing with the North Korea is  “worth making not as good a trade deal for the United States.”

“I think that, frankly, North Korea is maybe more important than trade,” he said in the interview that aired Sunday.  “Trade is very important. But massive warfare with millions, potentially millions of people being killed? That, as we would say, trumps trade.”

During his first 100 days, President Trump signed more executive orders than most recent presidents but earned lower approval ratings than them too.

Some of the highlights include appointing Neil Gorsuch as a Supreme Court Judge, signing an executive order that called for stripping federal grant funding from sanctuary cities although a federal judge put a temporary block on the action, and putting forth a new tax plan that is making its way through congress.

The President has dismissed the 100-day benchmark as a “ridiculous” standard to measure his administration’s progress but also claimed “no administration has accomplished more” in its first few months than his own.”

With a posterboard and markers in hand, News 5’s Emily DeVoe walked down Dauphin Street in Downtown Mobile to give locals a chance to grade the President’s first 100 days.

WATCH THE VIDEO to see the results.

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