Mobile Area Weathers Another Round of Severe Weather

Worker repairs a power line in West Mobile on 5/1/17.

Mobile, AL (WKRG)

This tree outside True Word Deliverance Ministry is hard to miss.

“Yesterday I preached on faith, focus, and moving forward and then wake up to this, so it’s a real test of our faith,” said Co-Pastor Wanda Hunter.  The only thing more amazing than a big tree like this is exactly how this one fell.  It didn’t take down a single power line and it only damaged the front portion of the church’s roof while leaving much of the building untouched.

“God is good in the midst of it all, things happen in life, it’s not discouraging to me I just pray for God to bless us and move on, I’m not discouraged about it or upset about it either way,” said Pastor Cye Hunter.   Elsewhere there was a fire at Trinity Kids Learning Center on Pinehill Drive.  It may be weather related.  The power box on the outside caught fire, a neighbor heard some commotion early.

“I looked out the window I saw flames on the outside where the electrical is saw smoke, so I immediately called 911,” said neighbor Daniel McGowan.   Alabama Power crews also worked overnight and throughout the day to get electricity restored. It was a long day of working too with crews spotted throughout the county.   At the height of the storm, Alabama power reported some 20-thousand customers in the dark.  

No one was in the building when the fire happened. There was no damage inside the building.
The standard flooding around Government Street could be seen Monday morning.

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