Live Traffic Blog


8:23 a.m.  We’re looking good on the bayway and Causeway right now and no problems through either of the tunnels. Mobile Police telling us the lights are out at Airport at South Florida and Hillcrest and Girby. Officers are on the scene of both of those directing traffic.  You also might find some other areas in West Mobile and  Saraland without power where traffic lights have become 4-way stops as well.  An accident involving injuries North Broad at Spring Hill and a 3 car accident Tanner Williams and Hubert Pierce involving no injuries.  Highway patrol in the scene of an accident I-65 Southbound were an overturned vehicle went off into the woods around the 47 mile marker just north of Perdido.

7:55 A.M. Updating your Monday morning commute there was an accident I-10 eastbound crossing the Bay Way at the 33 mile marker just in the last couple minutes they were able to clear that but we still have a multiple mile backup eastbound trying to get to the Eastern Shore from Mobile on the bay-way. Westbound looks goodand  no problems to the tunnels. in the Mobile area we do have a number of accidents expect delays at these intersections Tanner Williams Road at Snow Road, Airport at South Florida, Jeff Hamilton at Dawes Rd, Airport at Foreman Road and the lights are out there Hillcrest and girby Road. Also trees down on Shelton Beach Road at Scarbrough and a tree is blocking Northbound Stanton at Springhill. Other areas west mobile might see some traffic lights out as well to treat those this 4-way stops . Also a overturned vehicle I-65 Southbound at the 47 mile marker

7:25 A.M. We’ve now got an accident on the bayway, I-10 headed eastbound around the 33 mile marker. The right hand lane is blocked. If you’re headed to the Eastern Shore from Mobile you’re going to see a delay there about 2 miles before you get to the Eastern Shore. Westbound traffic seems to be moving along well. In Mobile accidents government at South Hamilton also airport at Foreman Road I-65 Southbound there and Airport Boulevard. Still some areas in Saraland and West mobile where the power is out so don’t be surprised if you run up on some 4-way stops that were traffic lights

6:54 a.m.  It’s been a pretty smooth commute crossing the Bayway and Causeway without any problems or delays and through both tunnels as well. Of course with the showers and thunderstorms we had overnight some areas without power including West Mobile, Saraland and Bayou La Batre. So if you drive to those areas expect to see plenty of four way stops where the intersections are out of power. Be sure to treat it that way.  Might want to leave a little early if you live in those areas as well.  Accidents; Mobile police on the scene of a couple fender-benders including Cody and Grelot and Howells Ferry at Eunice drive

6:34 a.m.  A weather alert Day means a traffic aware morning as you get up and about here on this Monday of course with the showers and thunderstorms we’ve seen through the evening and start of this morning. some areas where we’ve got some power outages through Mobile. At the intersections of Shelton Beach Road at Scarborough Springhill at Stanton Road we’ve seen some trees downs in those areas where they are blocking the intersection. An at Cody Road South and Grelot Road that involves injuries.   Especially through the rural areas where people have not had a chance to drive through there’s a possibility of tree branches are trees down to use extra caution and if you come up on an intersection where the traffic light is out be sure to treat that as a four-way stop.

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