Caught on Video: Man Seen Snatching Puppy From Yard

A woman wants her puppy back and she’s hoping a video posted on Facebook will help that happen.

Sandra Wasserman says she was home in the middle of the day when a car pulled up outside her fence. A man got out, reached over the fence and snatched a pit bull puppy named Slate. The whole thing was caught on surveillance video.

Slate is part of a litter of 5 nine-week-old pups. Wasserman says her family was planning to keep the pups. Now, she’s worried about what the thief may do with Slate.

“It does make me, you know because the puppy is not in my care. I don’t know what kind of home it is going to or where it went,” said Wassermann

Wasserman hopes someone will recognize the man who snatched Slate, his car, or the pup himself.

“The puppy is a fawn color. It’s a grayish-bluish color. On the paw, it has hair missing from where the puppy was playing. He has very light blue eyes.”


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