Fellowship and Ultimate Frisbee are a Fitting Combination

On most Sunday afternoons there’s a good chance you’ll find Elliot Tadlock and friends engaged in a competitive game of ultimate  Frisbee.

Elliot Tadlock,  “We went to a church camp and we played ultimate at church camp and we said, man I wished we had something like this down south, so we couldn’t really find anything that fit for us, so we said, we just start something. That’s when we started talking to churches and started organizing this event.”

Elliot’s cousin,  Noah Smith,  nominated him as a Good Sport, he told has how Elliot dedicated his time and money to start the Southern Alabama Fellowship League.

Noah Smith, ” I actually went to camp with him and we played it up there I just thought it was fun, I like to be active he heads everything.”

The SAFL,  is a  Christian based Ultimate Frisbee League.

Tadlock, “Our main goal is to break down the denominational barriers between the churches and stuff, we have Methodists out here, we have Baptists, Pentecostals.”

There are currently 8 church teams in the Southern Alabama Fellowship league and whichever team wins,  gets to host the other team at their church for a Sunday service.  The Frisbees have been flying for four years now, and it’s a unique way to spread the word.

Bryan Bozeman, “ I definitely try to incorporate team work and just listening to one another so often you can get scrambled, or get frustrated with each other, I believe we just work as a team and have fun.”

Bryson Chestang, “ I encourage every kid to come and do stuff like this because it will help you benefit and stay active, like exercising and running and playing and helping with your team.”


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