Unintended Consequence of Legal Pot: Dogs Accidentally Getting High For Days at a Time


A dog in Denver is recovering after eating edible marijuana. The pet’s owner is asking marijuana users to be more careful.

Patty Moore feared the worst when her 10 year-old golden retriever “Chance: couldn’t even stand to eat, “She couldn’t get back down stairs.. it was like her legs didn’t work at all,” says Moore. Moore says Chance found edible marijuana left over from 4/20, a day celebrated by Marijuana lovers, on a walk in the neighborhood. A vet diagnosed the symptoms right away. “We really thought there was something seriously wrong with her.”

Veterinarian Dr. Allison Jenkins says “generally as far as toxicity goes marijuana is a pretty safe one.” Dr. Jenkins says edible pot can keep a dog high for several days, and it doesn’t take much, even just eating the wrapper is enough. Some vets say they only see a handful of cases a year. Others in the Denver area claim to get 5 or 6 a week. “They seem drunk. A dog that is depressed, lethargic and appears drunk” says Dr. Jenkins.

Jenkins says marijuana won’t kill a dog unless its a gigantic amount rich in the butter used to make edibles. Moore says Chance is doing fine, but wants pot users to be more conscientious, “just so that people are more aware how their habits can effect other people and animals.” Moore also reminds pet
owners to keep a close eye on their animals so they don’t eat something they shouldn’t.


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