President Donald Trump Marks 100th Day in Office

President Donald Trump has a full schedule ahead on his 100th day in office. According to the Associated Press, Saturday he plans to sign an executive order which will lead the Commerce Department and U.S. trade representatives to take a closer look at the nation’s trade agreements. Later in the day, he will mark the milestone of his presidency at a rally in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

As the 100th day approached, Congress managed to avoid a government shutdown by passing a short term spending bill. While this provides immediate relief, Congress must find a way to construct a spending bill that will last through fiscal year 2017. According to NPR, Congress has until midnight on May 5th to devise a financial plan.

President Donald Trump’s administration is also embroiled in controversy abroad as North Korea continues to pose a threat. North Korea tested a ballistic missile on Saturday that while viewed as a failure by South Korea and the United States does not come across as a relenting action. The explosion came as Secretary of State Rex Tillerson spoke at a meeting at the United Nations asking for an increase in pressure on North Korea.

While it remains to be seen whether the Trump administration can quell tensions abroad, some Republicans are moving fast here at home to try to get the number of votes needed to pass healthcare legislation to repeal and replace Obamacare. However, they failed to garner the number of votes needed before the week was up to put a bill up for a vote.

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