Perdido Key crash leaves eight Hospitalized

Eight pedestrians were struck Saturday Night and the driver was arrested for driving under the influence.

UPDATE 3:00PM Sunday, April 30th:

Identities of the eight pedestrians have been released. They are: 24-year-old Jordan Lo who is in critical condition, 24-year-old Kevin Park who is in serious condition, 24-year-old Steven Parsons in serious condition, Christian martines (age not disclosued) has minor injuries, Jerome Waller (age not disclosued) in serious condition, Brandon Nunes (age not disclosued) in serious condition, 25-year-old Christopher Martinez was listed as having no injuries, and 23-year-old Travis Hehman in serious condition.

56-year-old Eric Watt was the driver that hit the 8 pededestrians Saturday Night and was arrested for driving under the influence.

UPDATE 8:11 AM Sunday, April 30th.

The FHP also confirms that all eight victims are young men in the military.  They are all affiliated in some way with NAS Pensacola.”The spokesman said they’re working with the military to get the ages right–He couldn’t say with certainty what branch of the service, so far no full news release from FHP on a narrative but I’ve got enough to go on now and I’ll leave those details for the intro and tag.  

News 5 spoke with one of the victims by phone this morning.  He said all eight of the victims are friends who live in the same apartment complex.  They were walking from a restaurant back to their apartment complex when they were hit, without warning, from behind by a vehicle.

The victim said he felt being hit and then remembers paramedics on the scene.  He said he’s still hurt but out of the hospital.  He says he believes two of his friends are still in medical care, but since none of them have their cellphones it was hard to keep up with the condition of everybody.


Perdido Key, FL (WKRG)

Eight people are hospitalized after a crash on Perdido Key Drive West.

The accident involved a vehicle and eight pedestrians.

At this time we know that three individuals are being treated for life-threatening injuries at Baptist Hospital and the other at Sacred Heart Hospital.

The other victims were taken to local hospitals with serious injuries.

Perdido Key Drive near the scene was closed off by Escambia County Sheriff’s Office. No word yet if the scene has been reopened.

Authorities say the accident happened around 8:15 Saturday night.

The cause of the crash is unknown.

The names of the victims have not been released.


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