Local Democrats react to Trump’s first 100 days


The Bay Area Democrats held an event called the “Drain the Swamp” crawfish boil on Saturday, an event aimed at rallying Democrats to run for office.

The event brought a good-sized crowd as the crawfish was plenty, but there was also a lot of discussion about Trump’s first 100 days in office.

Christian Smith said her concern is jobs, that minimum wage positions aren’t adequate and more advanced educational training would be beneficial.

A local Republican, AJ Atkinson, said he believes Trump may be too isolated, but that he believes the president is open to compromise. He also cited taking possible action against North Korea as something he approved of.

Smith, disagreed, saying bipartisanship doesn’t seem to be one of Trump’s goals.

A local veteran was also in attendance, throwing her hat into the city council district 3 race.

Leola Chainey said for her, community is an imperative and people need to come together for a greater good. She decided to run to help better community relations.

Business owner Marc Jackson agreed, saying he hosts events from all sides of the aisle to help bridge the gaps that politics create.

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