What’s Working: Building Sidewalks to Connect Communities

In tonight’s What’s Working, we are taking a look at the amazing effort by hundreds in the community to have miles of sidewalks constructed in their neighborhoods. The Village of Springhill hosts an event that happened today, called the Sidewalk-a-thon. Children and adults walk about a mile down Old Shell Road. So far, the event has raised over $150,000 over the last six years.

Susan Carley came up with the idea for the Sidewalk-a-thon and is thrilled to see people enjoying all their hard work. “Having the kids involved was key.  It made it a grassroots effort. The Village of Springhill board took it under their wing and built it from there.” Carley says money from the Sidewalk-a-thon has been the seed money for private grants to build miles of sidewalk.  They have been able to use the hundreds of thousands of dollars in grants to complete the sidewalks.

Most of the money from the Sidewalk-a-thon has gone toward building sidewalks along Old Shell Road. Starting this summer, money will go toward sidewalks on Bit and Spur Road from Old Shell Road to University Boulevard. Some of the money is currently going toward sidewalks being built on McGregor Avenue.

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