Prescription Drug Thefts; More Than Just Smash and Grab Crimes

The images from surveillance cameras are becoming all too familiar. Thieves smash their way into a pharmacy, spend sixty seconds or so inside, get what they want and leave.

This time the pharmacy is in Brewton but it’s happened all over this region. Similar crimes with similar suspects.

What most may see as drug starved criminals may not be the whole picture. “Those that are committing those offenses are not necessarily breaking in and taking controlled substances for their own use but to sell,” says Lt. Steve Brown with Orange Beach Police.

It’s a growing market. As prescription medications become harder to get legally, illegal drugs become an option. “Eight out of 10 users, or those addicted to controlled prescription medication, actually that was a stepping stone or gateway to the use of heroin,” says Brown.

Experts like addiction specialist Whitey Whiten say answers are hard to come by. “Opioid addiction is an epidemic. It’s killing a lot of people and lately, it’s just been jumping by leaps and bounds.”

The only thing certain, crimes like this will continue in order to feed a growing addiction that shows no signs of slowing down.

One tool law enforcement is using to help, the Drug Take Back program. Saturday from 10 until 2 you can drop off your unwanted or outdated prescription drugs at law enforcement agencies in Mobile and Baldwin Counties no questions asked. Search Drug Take Back 2017 for a location nearest you.

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