Marine Gets Home Debt Free in Pensacola

Greeted with hugs and kisses, the Snyder family is ready to see their new house in Pensacola.

The foundation and support beams in place…but the small notes on the inside make it that more special.

“It was heart warming to go through and see that these people who don’t really know us, and have never really met us, have this kind of love for him, and it’s more than you could have expected, ever,” says Cloey.

Trevor Synder, his fiance Cloey, and her daughter, reading each note, left for them by children and people who live in the community.

This house, built by Operation Finally Home is a labor of love, and there has been a lot of community support.

“There is no place like home, and having that finally home, there is so much hope provided there, there is so much comfort, there is so much safety,” says Rusty Carroll, Executive Director of Operation Finally Home.

The Synder’s are in the custom made $350,000 home debt free.

Contractors volunteered their time to help fulfill the American dream for Synder and his family.

“It’s incredible, this stuff, doesn’t happen this isn’t something that people do now a days, it’s like the old barn raisings, they did way back when and the community came together and did stuff for each other,” says Trevor Synder.

Synder enlisted in the marines in 2005 and deployed to Iraq.

In 2006, an I.E.D. exploded next to his Humvee, Snyder now suffers from P.T.S.D., and during his third deployment he was diagnosed with a rare blood disease.

Today, exploring room to room, the Synder family focuses on the future–

“We have our family to come here and make it a home, and a house is a house and it’s a wonderful thing, and for us we have a home,” says Cloey.

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