Caught on Camera Burglar Struck Six Times In Mobile

Knott burglaries pic

We showed you clear surveillance video of a man breaking into a home a few nights ago. We now know the other locations police say were hit by this same suspect.

This is video of Omar Ezra Knott breaking into and stealing from a home in the 600 block of St. Michael Street. The home even has a security sign in the front yard.

Another home police say he hit is in the 20 block of Washington Avenue. The two streets have something in common—a single house that is surrounded by businesses or churches that all close up at 5 o’clock, making it an enticing target.

We found Tom Loehr near Washington Avenue.

“We feel like it’s a wonderful neighborhood,” says Loehr.

Who says a local burglary has got him thinking.

“It really is a disturbing notion.”

He says it’s a calm neighborhood where everyone looks out for each other. And currently he doesn’t have a security system, but now…

“Yeah, we’ll probably talk about it. I don’t know if we will or not, but it makes you think twice,” says Loehr.

We’ve created a map of the other locations police say he hit. They say he mostly got away with electronics like TVs and laptops. Neighbors hope police keep catching these guys, or better yet, stopping them before they strike.

“But these sorts of things seem to be happening more frequently,” says Loehr.

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