UPDATE: Foley Baby Fighting Cancer Responding to Treatment

Easton Carraway

Little Easton Carraway was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer earlier this year. After weeks at St. Jude, he is responding to treatment.

A face that tugs at your heart-strings and a diagnosis that breaks your heart. But 16-month-old Easton Carraway is getting better.

“He’s doing great compared to where we were at,” says dad Cody Carraway.


Diagnosed with a rare form of cancer just a couple of months ago, chemotherapy seems to be working, already shrinking a large tumor in Easton’s pelvis to half it’s original size. “The tumors in his lungs have also cleared up to what they described as buckshot to us at first, are now down to very few tumors and very small.”

The family remains in Memphis, Tennessee, at St. Jude Hospital. Fundraisers, phone calls and texts from home keep them going according to mom Kahlee. “We can’t believe the community has came together so much to be behind us. We really appreciate it. We’re leaning on them.”

But Cody admits they are still terrified. “It’s a horrible thing to go through but we’re very optimistic. We’re strong in faith and believe with the support of our community back home and the strength of the firefighter brotherhood we have no doubt we’re going to get through this.”

Easton is about to begin another round of chemo which his doctors believe will continue to reduce the size of those tumors.

In the meantime, the community support continues. Fundraisers are set for this weekend with a “Team Easton” tent at Germanfest in Elberta and next weekend a community yard sale also in Elberta.

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