Santa Rosa Says ‘No Thanks’ to Filming TV Show

Police respond to situation on Chestnut Drive in Foley, AL. Source: Pat Peterson

It’s a TV show, causing a lot of controversy.

“I didn’t really notice the camera, just saw the light in my face and it was humiliating for the most part,” says Daniel Cowles.

Last month we introduced you to Daniel Cowles, he told us how things went for him one night, when a Walton County Sheriff’s deputy pulled him over.

The high intensity show, Live PD, was there carrying it live on the A & E network.

But you won’t see the Santa Rosa county sheriff’s office featured on Live PD after some advice from the state attorney’s office.

“The state attorney’s office has to provide all the information we have about the case that would be used as evidence, to defense attorney’s and to the defendant,” says Greg Marcille, Assistant State Attorney.

So, any video recorded during a Live PD broadcast, must be turned over to the state attorney’s office, and could be presented in a court of law.

The Santa Rosa county sheriff’s office said no thanks to the show after getting that information.

For now, the Walton County sheriff’s office has agreed to stay on and complete the terms of the contract with the media company.



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