Deputies Investigating Choking Incident at Semmes Middle

The mobile county Sheriff’s Office is investigating a bullying case after a student was allegedly choked at school.

It happened at Semmes Middle School earlier this week.

The student says a classmate walked up from behind him and put him in a chokehold, leaving marks on his neck.

His family says the child has been repeatedly bullied this year, but the called law enforcement because they say the school isn’t doing enough.

“It is just time that they will call every parent in and every student and have a mandatory meeting to where if their child is bullying another child they will be held accountable,” said Deborah Kwasniak, the student’s grandmother.

Semmes Middle School has had numerous reports bullying and fighting in recent years.

District officials say they have made improvements at the school, but also say the school gets a bad rep and is not worse than any other school.

“I don’t think that Semmes Middle is an outlier,” said MCPSS Superintendent Martha Peek. “We had one situation earlier in the year that we dealt with since then Semmes has been moving forward just like all of our schools.”

Officials with the Sheriff’s Office say no arrests have been made in connection with this incident.

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