6 Years Since the Devastating April 27, 2011 Tornado Outbreak

Tornadoes, a sight all too common in Alabama on this day 6 years ago. In total Alabama had 62 confirmed tornado reports, the length of the tornado tracks were approximately 1202 miles. Plus it wasn’t uncommon to see tornadoes on this day to be about a mile wide…
Of the 62 tornadoes there were 10 violent or EF (Enhanced Fujita) 4 Plus tornadoes. That means winds over 165 miles per hour, which is greater than the category 5 hurricane threshold…
Tuscaloosa… Was one of the hardest hit experienced devastating damage when a EF4 ripped through the city and through the University of Alabama.
In total 248 people in the state of Alabama lost their lives, 234 of those were due to tornadoes…
1% of the Alabama population was directly impacted by storms. It might not sound like a lot, but when you consider the population that is significant.
This outbreak is estimated to have caused 11 billion dollars in damage making it the most costly convective (non hurricane/flood) storm event in US history.
Thankfully, there is no threat of an outbreak today, but it does provide a reminder of what mother nature is capable of at her worst.

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