Prichard Police Broadcast Arrests Live On Social Media

Prichard police want the world to know they are being tough on crime. They have launched Operation, “Enough is Enough.” They’ve made dozens of arrests since early April, and broadcast them all live on Twitter. In the video, you see Prichard police officers rounding up the bad guys, and confiscating guns, and illegal drugs. They also have located four stolen vehicles.  They call the police work, “hot spot policing.”
Chief Walter Knight says social media is a way to reach people in the community who are fed up with crime. “The majority of the citizens and the public are advanced enough to use social media, so what better way to alert the citizens that  something is being done, then on social media.”  He says it’s also a way to show criminals that they will go to jail if they commit a crime.

Knight says at first he was skeptical of broadcasting the arrests, but he has received an overwhelmingly positive response.

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