Nanny 911: Don’t Call the Police to Discipline Your Children

The Crestview Police Department says they are here to protect and serve every time you dial 911, but, they are not a nanny service every time you need a your kid disciplined.

Dispatchers and police officers in Crestview are fed up.

They say they have been getting calls from parents, asking officers to discipline their kids.

Police say, that’s not their job, 911 is for emergencies.

“Unless your child is not threatening to harm themselves or others, do not call 911,” says Crestview Dispatcher Supervisor Shawnee Rawls.

According to dispatchers, the calls coming in are all things moms and dads should be able to handle.

“Normally it’s an angry parent where their child won’t get up for school, or isn’t listening to them when they speak,” says Rawls.

Officers and dispatchers both say the typical, if you don’t behave that officer will take you to jail is not a healthy behavior tactic.

“I mean that’s a part of our job, that we enforce the laws and if we have to we do take people to jail, I don’t feel like if we have to go discipline someone’s child I don’t like being used as a threat,” says Officer Beau Baier.

“They’re definitely threatening their children with it, which is not a good idea, because on day they will need an officer for help,” says Rawls.

Making things more difficult, 9-1-1 calls can’t be ignored, officers must respond to a call when it comes through dispatch. Sometimes, these so-called “nanny 9-1-1” calls can tie up an officer for up to an hour.

Police want parents to do their jobs and parent their kids, and let officers protect and serve.

“You’re not the friend, you’re the parent, and what the parent says goes, so take charge be the adult and what you say goes,” says Baier.

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