MPD: Mobile Experiencing Spike in Robberies

According to a spokesperson for the Mobile Police Department, they’ve seen a spike in commercial robberies over the last two weeks.

On April 15th, two armed gunmen held customers and employees at gunpoint while they robbed a McDonald’s restaurant on Moffett Road near the fork in the road at Springhill Avenue.

Less than a week later, another McDonald’s on the 500 block of Moffett Road was robbed at gunpoint as suspects ordered employees to open the safe so they could take off with the money.

Then, on April 23rd, two men wearing hoodies and carrying guns came into the Subway restaurant on the corner of University Boulevard and Cottage Hill Road and forced an employee to open up the cash register.

MPD Spokesman Donald Wallace said they’ve definitely noticed an uptick in these types of crimes in the last two weeks, and the majority of the suspects appear to be experienced.

“They’re coming in kind of prepared as if they’ve done it before,” Wallace said.

So far, police have only made two arrests, meaning the majority of the suspects are still at large. “It’s very concerning for us as a department and for the community as well. We need the community’s help to bring these people committing these crimes to justice,” Wallace said.

If you have any information about any recent commercial robberies in the area, call Mobile Police or Crime Stoppers.

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