Live Traffic Blog

7:25 am – If your Wednesday morning commute takes you on the roadways, specifically the Bayway or Causeway over the next few minutes, both of those roadways are looking good without any accidents or delays. Both tunnels also running smoothly and no issues along the Eastern Shore or through Baldwin County this morning.  A new accident has occurred Ziglar and Cody, it’s just a fender bender and Mobile police on the scene. There are no problems coming down I-65 and we’re looking good right now the I-10 interchange.

7:55 am –  So far on Wednesday morning commute continues to look good on the Bayway and Causeway no problems either direction and through the tunnels looking good as well. Mobile Police try to clear an earlier three-vehicle accident that involved injuries Airport Boulevard at Wakefield Drive. Continue to expect some delays there.  Really heavy traffic volume Old Shell Road there near Bit and Spur. No problems coming down I-65. Use extra caution through those schools and watch your speed through those school zones. We’ve already seen a few people this morning that are going to have to pay a monetary price for not paying attention.

7:25 am – More people are getting up and out here on the roadways and it’s being reflected there on the Westbound Bayway and Causeway but we’re still accident-free and running smoothly both directions.  No issues through either of the tunnels as well.  An accident has occurred in Mobile with three vehicles involved with injuries at Airport Boulevard at Wakefield Drive East. Make way for emergency vehicles there. Beyond that no other accidents in Mobile. However, if you travel Highway 98 near the Alabama-Mississippi state line there’s going to be a cleanup crew working yesterday’s large truck fire that occurred in the afternoon on Highway 98 near the Escatawpa river bridge

6:55 am – If your Wednesday morning commute requires you to leave the house in the next few minutes and head out on the roadway so I’ve got good news so far we’re looking good on the Bayway and Causeway. Both directions running smoothly no slow downs.  No issues through either of the tunnels as well. We checked with both Mobile Police and Alabama Highway Patrol their both telling us they have no accidents that they’re working at this time. We’re looking good coming down I-65  and no problems in the downtown area and through West Mobile.

6:35 am – Good morning a nice looking start for your Wednesday. If you need to take the Bayway or Causeway over the next few minutes looking good both directions with no problems there either of the tunnels as well. Alabama Highway Patrol in the scene of an accident Lott Road around the 5-mile marker. Looks like a possible delay there, that’s out in the county. Another earlier issue I-10 there at the Grand Bay exit is Exit four. They actually pulled this off of the interstate into a gas station parking lot so it shouldn’t be any more delay there. Mobile police reporting no accidents in the downtown area and looking good coming down I-65

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