ECSO Deputy Cleared in Fatal Shooting

MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) – The Florida States Attorney Office has determined that the shooting death of Daniel Daily on December 31, 2016 by an Escambia County Deputy was justified.

According to the report issued Wednesday, Kayla Broxson was awakened by someone beating on the door and yelling “Sheriff’s office”.  When Ms. Broxson went to the door, she found it kicked in and Daily pointing a gun at her and telling her he was an undercover DEA agent.

Another resident present at the time, Virgil Russell, entered the room and, along with Ms. Broxson. was ordered to get on their knees.  Broxson was able to run to the bathroom and dial 911 when Russell’s dog attacked Daily.

Daily was able to get Broxson out of the bathroom and use her as a human shield when deputies arrived on scene.  Deputies reported hearing a female screaming from inside and Russell covered in blood as he exited the home.  Deputy Kevin Serrano reported that he could see inside the home and saw Daily holding Broxson hostage and pointing a gun at deputies.

Lt. Ron Ross was able to join Deputy Serrano near the front of the house as more deputies arrived on scene.

Lt. Ross reports that Daily would alternate pointing the gun at Ms. Broxson and then at deputies.

At some point during the face-off, Deputy Corey Smith arrived and in an effort to get a better view, kicked an air conditioner unit out of a window.  This loud noise distracted Dailey and Broxson was able to break free.  Lt. Ross stated that as Broxson broke free, he had a clear, unobstructed view of Dailey and fired two shots, killing Daily.

The report concludes that the actions of Daniel Daily constituted a clear and imminent threat to Broxson and the deputies on the scene and that the actions of Lt. Ron Ross were justified.

View the full report here.



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