Pensacola Woman Dies in Fire

An investigation is underway after a woman died in her mobile home Sunday night in Pensacola.
It happened at Smith’s Mobile Home Park on 57th and Flaxman around 10:30 p.m. When firefighters arrived on the scene, 25 percent of the single-wide mobile home was engulfed in flames. Primary and secondary searches were conducted, but no victims were found. Crews went back out Monday morning and pulled 46-year-old Detra Oliver from inside.

Detra Oliver’s family was at the scene Monday afternoon and said they hope her legacy on earth is filled with smiles and love.

“Just loving all the way around. She was an angel,” said Courtney Bullard, Detra’s daughter.  “She was… She was an angel from above. She was.”

The home was deemed unsalvageable. The cause of the fire is said to be cooking-related, but the investigation is ongoing.

A neighbor told us the fire grew quickly next door and when people tried to help it was too late.

“I smelled smoke through my bedroom window. But I thought it was my son cooking,” said Gennetta Bass, who lives next door.  “All of a sudden my son came back to my room and said, ‘Momma, that trailer’s on fire over there.’ I got up, put my robe on and came outside, you could just see blaze of fire. Some of the neighbors were banging on the door, they were trying to get in but they couldn’t get the door open.”

Oliver’s daughter Courtney told us she knows her mother will always be with her.

“I know she is. I know she is,” Bullard said.  “I know shes right here.”

She knows her mother will never be forgotten.

“She cared, she cared too much,” Bullard said.  “She loved everybody , everyone, she came in contact with.  She was just caring. And I know everybodys going to remember that about her.”

Fire officials say they found no evidence of a working smoke detector in the home.

Officials provided the following information if you need help with a smoke detector.

If you do not have a smoke detector in your home and need assistance, both the county and the city have programs to help. For more information, contact Escambia County Fire Rescue at 850-595-HERO (4376). Residents within city of Pensacola limits may call 850-436-5200 for smoke detector installation assistance.

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