Live Traffic Updates for Your Monday Morning Commute


7:50 a.m.  Looking at your Monday morning commute, if you need to take the ballet or Causeway so far this morning it looks good both directions and no problems there either of the tunnels as well. In Mobile we do have a new fender bender at Cottage Hill and Hillcrest.  We’re starting to see traffic slow down there.  An earlier accident is being cleared there at Mason Ferry Road at Brothers Lake Club Road in Wilmer. Lifelight had to be called to the scene but highway patrol is finishing up that accident. We look good coming down I-65 but extra caution through those school zones.


6:34 a.m. — It’s a good-looking start here for your Monday. If you need to take the Bayway or Causeway both directions are flowing along nicely, No issues through either tunnel and no weather related issues there as well.  In Mobile we’re looking good coming down I-65, no problems according Alabama Highway Patrol or Mobile police in the Mobile area. However we’re just hearing about a serious accident in the Wilmer area near the intersection of Mason Ferry Road in McDavid Road. LifeLight has been called to the scene

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