Caught on Camera: Women Trash Store, Run Over Clerk


A convenience store manager in Michigan was left seriously injured after an angry customer drove her over. The whole thing was caught on camera. The manager who was injured is a 57-year-old woman named Kristina. On surveillance video three women pull up to the drive-thru window in a dark colored SUV. An employee who only wanted to be identified as “Jose” say that’s when he heard the argument start, “they were arguing about the price or something like that, like the price was changing or something. So the owner gave them the bottle to check everything and she just got tired of dealing with it so she closed the window.”

Jose thinks the women got mad because Kristina shut the window on them. So they came inside, “Kristina came out and they started arguing about how she got disrespected or something like that. The customer said she did everything right, but she was complaining about the prices.” Jose asked the women to leave, but they said they wouldn’t leave without an apology. Then Jose says this happened, “then one of the two girls that came in after said, ‘well we’ll give her something to get mad about,’ and they started pulling down the shelves of the snacks things over there, the chips and everything. They pulled the shelves and that’s when Kristina started chasing them cause they started running.”

Kristina chased after the three women into the parking lot, and runs up to the passenger side window. The driver backs up, knocks Kristina to the ground, then they run her over. Kristina was left lying in the parking lot.

Then Jose went outside “I found her on the ground. She was laying there. If if would’ve been a few inches further, they would’ve run over her stomach, so it was lucky that it wasn’t and it was just the legs. Otherwise it would’ve been worse.”

Kristina is in the hospital with a fractured leg, broken pelvis and bleeding on her brain. Police are still looking for the three women.

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