Caught on Camera: Firefighter Rescues Little Girl After She Falls From Bus

(CNN) An Arkansas volunteer firefighter came to the rescue after a little girl fell out of the back of a bus. His dash camera, running the entire time. In the video, you can see the little girl, and the quick actions he took to save her.

The dash camera video from Ryan Ciampoli, a licensed emt and volunteer firefighter for Crawford County. “I saw it happening, and it blew my mind, it was like I wasn’t even seeing what I was seeing,” Said Ciampoli.

The video shows Ciampoli driving down Highway 65 in Harrison, Arkansas  when the back door of a bus flings open. Hanging on to it, is a four year old girl. She falls to the pavement, and the bus continues to drive away. Ciampoli immediately went into action, “obviously you want to leave her there, if shes not in danger,” he said “but obviously we’re in the middle of a state highway, so I couldn’t leave her just laying there.” Ciampoli says she was unconscious at first, but started to wake up when he approached her.

He picked her up  and carried her off the road where they laid her on a truck bed in a nearby parking lot. He got to work keeping her conscious and checking her vital signs, “”then the shock kicked in in her little body and she started kicking and screaming and “where’s my mommy?” and things like that, stuff like that is really heartbreaking,” said Ciampoli

It took about 5 minutes for paramedics to get to the scene and transport the child to the hospital. Her mother says she has a broken jaw and will need surgery, but is expected to be okay.

Ciampoli was in the right place at the right time, but he says he urges everyone to take a first responder class for situations just like this one, “it can happen anywhere anytime, never would you think driving down the road, that something like that would happen.”

The girl’s mother says she is not blaming the driver of the bus. She says right now she wants to focus on her daughter’s recovery. The girl’s father says she should be released from the hospital on Monday.

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