No Charges in Navarre Stabbing Death

MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) – The Florida State Attorney’s Office announced Friday that they will not seek charges in the stabbing death of Daniel Bubanas that occurred in Navarre on December 16, 2016.  It was determined that Bryce Schroeder acted in self-defense after being attacked by a group that included Bubanas while attending a bonfire.

According to the report released today, Bubanas, Cole Tolbert and Ethan Frymark attacked Schroeder believing he was the person that punched another person at the bonfire, Dakota Blakenship.

Schroder told investigators that one of the attackers “had him in a choke hold saying he was going to kill him.”  When no one responded to Schroeders’ pleas for help, he says he pulled a pocket knife out and “just started swinging it”, believing this was his only way out.

Bubanas was stabbed once in the chest, with the knife puncturing his heart and died at a local hospital.  Cole Tolbert suffered a stab wound that penetrated his lung as well as a wound to his inner thigh.  Fryburg was stabbed in the shoulder and neck.

The report concluded that Bryce Schroeder’s actions were “reasonable and justifiable under Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law and no criminal charges should be filed against Bryce Schroeder.”

No charges will be filed against Ethan Fryburg or Cole Tolbert for the initial attack because of Bryce Schroders desire to not testify against anyone involved in the attack.

View the full report here.


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