Live Traffic Blog

8:25 am: Updating your Friday morning commute we are still moving along well on the Bayway and Causeway. We started off quite foggy but that has burned off might still see some areas of fog but no issues right now through either of the tunnels. In the Mobile area, Mobile police reporting a new fender bender on the eastbound I-10 ramp to Theodore Dawes road. Also a traffic Hazard coming down south bound I-65 between Highway 45 and Moffett Road. We’ve got a report of some debris in the road way there. It’s pretty busy eastbound Airport Boulevard getting closer to University.

7:55 am: Updating your Friday morning commute, most of the fog is burned off the Bayway and Causeway so we’re looking good both directions there without any problems.  Looking good through both tunnels as well. In Mobile, a few trouble spots including one with injuries Overlook at Ridgewood Drive. Make way for emergency vehicles there. A fender bender Airport and Walter Smith Road as well.  Highway Patrol headed to the scene of an accident in Creola on Highway 43 at Redcliffe Road.  They had an earlier accident County Road 13 at Highway 104 in Fairhope where a car hit a pole. Still seeing delays has a result of that accident involving injuries, and of course extra caution through those schools zones.

7:25 am: We’ve had a pretty foggy start for your Friday morning commute. On the Eastern Shore though the fog is starting to lift.  If you’re headed toward Mobile, you’ll find the fog once again on the Mobile side of both the Bayway and the Causeway so continue to use caution. We do have an accident there on the Cochrane Causeway coming off the Cochrane Africatown Bridge there between that and the Bankhead tunnel with a fender bender.  Airport Boulevard at Walter Smith Road a fender bender there as well.  A serious accident is being reported Moffett and Overlook.  And in the Fairhope area an accident there at County Road 13 just North of Highway 104 where a car hit a pole.

6:55 am: It’s another foggy start for your Friday morning commute if you need to take the Bayway or Causeway to begin your commute be aware it’s pretty thick there so be careful into the tunnels. In Mobile also some pretty thick fog there through downtown and Midtown as well. No accidents to tell you about in Mobile but highway patrol headed the scene of an accident in Fairhope at County Road 13 just North of Highway 104, apparently a car hit a pole and it does involve injuries, emergency vehicles are also headed the scene

6:34 am: It’s another foggy start here this week as you begin your Friday morning commute. If you’re headed on the Bayway or Causeway over the next few minutes, be aware it’s pretty thick there and into the downtown and Midtown Mobile areas as well. Those headlights need to be on low beam and give yourself extra distance between you and the car in front of you, but so far this morning, the good news is people are behaving pretty well. We don’t see any accidents right now in Baldwin County over towards Mobile. Mobile police and Alabama Highway Patrol both reporting no accidents right now so be careful through the fog.

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