Scam Alert: Pensacola Parking Ticket Scam

scam alert

The Pensacola Police Department is warning residents of a scam:

If you receive an email saying you have received a parking citation within city limits and can pay it online with a charge card, don’t do it.
Neither the Pensacola Police Department nor the Downtown Improvement Board sends parking citation notifications via email nor asks people to click on links to pay the parking fine.

Both the police department and Downtown Improvement Board only issue paper citations.
The police department was notified of the scam this morning after a citizen received an email Wednesday informing them they had received a handicapped parking ticket.

The email said a court appearance was required and listed the parking ticket number. The person was then told to check the parking fine via a link and that they could either pay online by Visa or MasterCard or via an automated telephone system using a Visa or MasterCard.
Parking citations issued by the Pensacola Police Department can be paid in person at Coastal Bank & Trust, 125 W. Romana St., or by following instructions attached to the citation and returning them in an envelope addressed to the Pensacola Downtown Management District, P.O. Box 12332, Pensacola, FL 32591.
Parking citations from the Downtown Improvement Board can also be paid in person at Coastal Bank & Trust, via envelope, online at\pensacola, or by calling 1-866-890-2807.

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