Mobile Police Department Engages With the Community

MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG)– The Mobile Police Department is making engagement with the community a part of all cadets’ training in the police academy. Cadets will interact with the youth and seniors through a variety of activities to encourage building healthy relationships with the public.

“By including community engagement in the recruits’ initial training, both the cadets and the citizens begin to see each other from different perspectives.  Citizens learn who the men and women are behind the uniform, and the cadets begin to better understand the citizens they are called to serve,” said Mayor Stimpson.

Last week, cadets spent time in community centers during the Mobile County Public School’s spring break. The recruits played sports and games with the youth who were out of school. The police department also teamed up with the fire department to show the youth how emergency equipment and vehicles operate.

In the future, the cadets will also interact with seniors in the community by visiting senior centers.

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