Crestview Fire Department Rescues Cat Stuck in a Tree While Children Watch

A six and a half-month-old cat was stuck in a tree for nearly 24 hours when three firefighters from Crestview came to the rescue.

Cassey Williams is the owner of Rae the cat, and also the owner of Bee Happy Home Daycare. She called the Fire Department to come save the cat, and the children at her daycare came outside to watch the rescue.

“You can hear the kids’ concerns and the cat crying,” Williams said via Facebook in the video showing the rescue.

It took firefighters almost three minutes to save the cat, and Williams says one of the firemen even took some claws to both sides of his face.

Rae is no stranger to scary situations.  Williams says the family found the cat last October, injured and in the middle of a road and other cars just drove around him. That’s when the family stopped to save him.

“He is a Maine Coon breed and sweet and fluffy as can be,” Williams said.

After Rae was safely on the ground, the firefighters welcomed the children to check out the inside of their firetruck.

First responders helped the Williams family on Wednesday, but normally, the Williams family is working to help them.  Cassey Williams six-year-old son, Jae, wants to be a firefighter when he grows up.  He has a page on Facebook called “Be the Change_Jae” where he collects donations for different organizations, including the Law Enforcement Memorial Fund.


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