Protests Over White Nationalist Speech at Auburn University, 3 Arrested

Courtesy: WAKA

White nationalist Richard Spencer spoke in a crowded auditorium at Auburn University Tuesday night after a federal judge blocked the school from banning his appearance.

Supporters and opponents engaged in shouting matches beforehand and some arguments turned violent.

Police reported arrests linked to the appearance by Spencer. Capt. Lorenza Dorsey, an Auburn police spokesman, says three people were arrested on disorderly conduct charges before Spencer’s speech Tuesday night.

Video posted online shows two men scuffling outside the building where Spencer spoke, with one suffering a facial cut and bleeding afterward. Officers led both men away, and one woman also was handcuffed.

Richard Spencer speaks at Auburn University Tuesday night. (Courtesy: WAKA)

Inside the speech, only a few chairs were empty in a more than 400-seat room as Spencer and other speakers railed against ethnicity and racial diversity, liberals, the media and more. They say they want to promote white pride.

A judge cleared the way for Spencer’s speech after hearing arguments in a lawsuit filed by a Georgia man who rented the room where he spoke. The suit claimed the university violated free-speech rights by trying to stop Spencer’s appearance.

Auburn officials cited public safety concerns in trying to stop Spencer from appearing in the student union building.

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